For a beautiful Valentine

The Classic Motion Picture’s recommendation of the month is Labor Day by Jason Reitman (2013) starring beautiful Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.


The story which is set back in the 1980ties (for all those retro freaks, you get to see them play music with an authentic record player) when during the Labor Day Holiday Adele and her son Henry get blackmailed into letting Frank, an escaped murder convict, seek refuge at their house.  He who sought nothing but a few hours of peace from a tiresome escape finds not only a new home, but a family who loves him back with the same passion as he has for them.

This is a beautifully told love story meant for critical minds and all those rebels among you who believe that love can conquer everything, even the law.

A special compliment to the cinematography which  has shown the virtues of slow storytelling, despite the current fashion of  blitz cuts.

Some of the  zooms on the faces  are not only reminiscent of Tarkovskij times, the  close ups on the faces make you feel the pressure and the fear as if you were  in the room with them.

Emotionally overpowering at times, this movie gives you goose bumps. A must see for Valentines couples.